• 1. This is an academic forum for urology discussion designed by urologists. It was first started in MSN groups in the name of Uro-Resident
        in mid 2004. In 2005 we migrated to Yahoo groups as Uro-Education. We migrated to the domain www.uroeducation.org in March 2009.

    2. In is a non-profit organization without geographic or political boundaries.

    3. It has forums for various sub-specialities of urology like Uro-oncology, Endourology, Laparoscopic Urology, Andrology, Female urology,
        Paediatric urology etc...

    4. Access to the site is available only for members.

  • 1. Urologists in practice and academic institutions, urology trainees.

    2. Other Urology associated specialists (Uro-oncologists, Uro-pathologists, Uro-Radiologists can register on invitation.

    3. Membership is available through registration and it is free.

  • 1. Continued urological education. Academics beyond institutions.

    2. Introduction to all the urologists around the world

    3. Discussion on current topics in urology by members all over the world

    4. Advise form experienced members on difficult clinical scenario

    5. Information about upcoming urological events uploaded by members



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